NOVELOG “New Cooperative business models and guidance for sustainable city logistics”

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

NOVELOG joined ALICE Liaison Program with Research & Innovation Projects in August 2016 and was showcased in ALICE Booth at TRA2018, 16th-19th April, Vienna

NOVELOG ( is a three year research project focusing on gaining insight into urban freight transport (UFT) and providing guidance for implementing effective and sustainable policies and measures. This guidance will be given through a 4 step – 4 tool approach aiming to help cities “Understand” their UFT environment, “Focus” on the most suitable measures and policies, “Assess” these measures and “Guide” the cities in their effective implementation.

NOVELOG will (1) develop an evaluation framework, collect data and perform empirical analyses (2) conduct demonstrations and case studies and (3) develop guidelines for Europe-wide take-up of the most effective policies and solutions.

12 cities and regions are involved in the project: Athens, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Emilia-Romagna Region, Gothenburg, Graz, London, Mechelen, Pisa, Rome, Turin, and Venice. Each of them is developing a pilot or case study in order to achieve the following results and impacts:

  • Cost effective and green (non-vehicle technology) strategies, measures and business models
  • Increased load factors and reduced vehicle movements
  • Optimised governance and stakeholder cooperation in urban distribution, through a more powerful, consensus-oriented Decision Support System (DSS)
  • Strengthened capacity of local authorities & stakeholders for sustainable policy making (SUMPs).

The NOVELOG consortium consists of twenty eight partners from all over Europe from research institutes, local authorities, universities, international associations and industry partners.


The main goal is to establish the NOVELOG tools as the reference for addressing urban freight in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). Moreover, the project will formulate detailed business plans for UFT measures in a multi-stakeholder partnership, modifiable by any city and adapted for the participating cities. The aim is also to involve external cities in a City Platform, actively contributing to the preparation of the tools and guidance and becoming the targets for their take up.


The project will develop guidance to support the choice of the most optimal and applicable solutions for urban freight and service transport and will facilitate stakeholder collaboration and the development, field testing and transfer of best governance and business models.

ALICE members as partners of NOVELOG

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