Aug 24, 2023

Market-Based Measures to Accelerate Transport Decarbonization: An Introduction to SFC’s new Multimodal Book and Claim Accounting Framework

Friday, July 21st, 2023

Why this webinar

High costs for freight emission reduction technologies and large, complex, and dynamic freight transportation supply chains can make heavy freight transportation greenhouse gas emissions particularly hard to abate. There is significant demand for a framework to overcome these barriers. As such, in the fall of 2021, Smart Freight Centre partnered with World Economic Forum and a series of leading multinationals in a project to develop a voluntary market-based measures accounting framework to accelerate the uptake of low emission transportation solutions and services.

Join this webinar to hear an overview of the new SFC Voluntary Market-Based Measures Accounting Framework for Logistics Accounting and Reporting, and to hear how the framework provides a way for shippers, logistics service providers, freight carriers, and freight decarbonization solution providers to effectively partner with each other to deploy low emission transportation services.


Welcome and introduction (Download presentation)

    • Fernando Liesa,  ALICE Secretary General and TG1 programme manager (ALICE)

    Accelerating Transport Decarbonization: SFC Voluntary Market-Based Measures Accounting Framework (Download presentation)

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    You are also invited to join the book and claim community, which was created to connect, support, and catalyze efforts across numerous stakeholders working to develop a coordinated book and claim approach for heavy transport decarbonization. It serves as a central hub for existing and emerging efforts, reduce duplication, and communicate findings.

    To learn more and join, go to:

    For more information about further projects you can join to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in global freight transportation, follow this link: SFC Project

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