Letters of Support for R&I Project Proposals

Friday, May 20th, 2016

ALICE will issue letters of support for R&D projects proposals willing to collaborate with ALICE in the execution of the project. To that end, the consortium represented by the coordinator agree to join the ALICE liaison programme with projects if the proposal is accepted for funding. To that end:

  • The coordinator will inform the result of the evaluation (positive or negative) and the starting date of the project.
  • The consortium will include in the proposal the activities described above and foresee the necessary budget for it.
    • The Project commits to use ALICE Knowledge Platform as one of the channels for dissemination and communication and to update the project’s page regularly  and ensure all project public outcomes (public deliverables and project dissemination materials) are available at the ALICE knowledge Platform after the end of the project for post project exploitation. The Project consortium members should join the Knowledge Platform (free of charge). The results and documents can include a link to the profiles of the authors.
    • To jointly organising events (e.g. webinars, seminars, workshops) or joining any conferences or events ALICE organises, e.g. International Physical Internet Conference, at least twice during the project duration.
    • Representative(s) of ALICE can join the Advisory Group of the project upon request by the Project consortium.
    • Representative(s) of the Project will be invited to participate in relevant activities organised by ALICE Thematic Groups to facilitate cooperation between the project and ALICE. Through these activities, ALICE will identify contributions of the Project to realising ALICE roadmaps and use outcomes of the projects for development future ALICE roadmaps as well as recommendations for research priorities.
    • To join ALICE’s stand at TRA at least once over the duration of the project.
    • ALICE will support project dissemination through ALICE communication channels, e.g. Newsletter, website and social media (e.g. Linked In). The project partners are welcome to join the ALICE Linked In Group in which they can share news on the project.

To request ALICE letter of support for a project proposal, please fill it in the following form and send it to info@etp-alice.eu.

Once received the signed Letter of Intent, ALICE will issue a Letter of Support to the proposal in not more than five working days. ALICE will issue a recognition document to the project as liaised project to ALICE as long as all the above elements are fulfilled. The Stamp will be issued annually.

For any further information, please contact info@etp-alice.eu.

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