Letters of Support for R&D Project Proposals

Friday, May 20th, 2016

I want to request an ALICE letter of Support for my proposal now!

ALICE will issue letters of support for R&D projects proposals as long as the coordinators commit to the following:

  • The project/proposal is seen by the partnership/proposers as a value added activity towards ALICE roadmaps implementation and it is explicitly mentioned in the proposal text.
  • The proposal, once awarded, commit to annually review the progress made by the project regarding the relevant areas addressed by the project in relation to the ALICE roadmaps and the expected/achieved outcomes.
  • The project will be showcased in ALICE events (conferences) at least twice during the project duration. Industry vision/outcome on the project will be the target.
  • Representative/s of ALICE may be appointed to participate in the Advisory Group of the project. The representative/s will be agreed between the project coordinator and ALICE secretariat once the project is awarded and will be endorsed by ALICE Executive Group. Participation costs in the Advisory group will be covered by the project.
  • Representative/s of the project will be invited to participate in relevant thematic groups of ALICE in order to properly link the project outcomes to the Thematic group activities and the identification of remaining gaps that would feed ALICE documents including recommendations to Research and Innovation programs.
  • The projects may use ALICE network to promote their own projects: ALICE Web including a pitch of the project, ALICE Knowledge Platform and use ALICE network as a dissemination channel at ALICE events: IPIC and TRA, … and projects activities outcomes through ALICE Newsletter.
  • Projects may connect dissemination materials such as videos, leaflets, etc. to ALICE including ALICE videos.

Once received the signed Letter of Intent, ALICE will issue a Letter of Support to the proposal in not more than five working days. ALICE will issue a recognition document to the project as liaised project to ALICE as long as all the above elements are fulfilled. The Stamp will be issued annually.

To request ALICE letter of support for a project proposal, please fill it in the following form and send to fliesa@etp-alice.eu

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