Jun 20, 2022

Launch of ALICE 5G Interest Group

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

The focus group identifies, exchange knowledge and experiences of 5G technology applications for transport and logistics.

The collection of information for 5G logistics applications, liaison with as many of projects and initiatives as possible, and the presentation of their results and maturity levels to the ALICE members aiming to accelerate knowledge, possibilities and adoption of 5G technologies.

Technology applications for transport and logistics include:

  • Real time control of operations in ports, terminals, warehouses, logistics nodes and beyond.
  • Autonomous transport and logistics operations (e.g. yards, etc.)
  • Remote operation of vehicles, vessels and handling units (e.g. manoeuvring, driving, etc.).
  • Human-autonomous robots collaboration.

Additionally, projects and initiatives alignment with ALICE PI roadmap and principles will be pursued. 5G will support PI on these aspects:

  • Physical communication layer enabling (real/less latency time) applications in PI.
  • Global, open, scalable and interconnected network of collaborative devices, assets and smart interfaces
  • Development of sustainable, interconnected and highly collaborative logistics models and autonomous applications
  • Optimization of logistical processes towards more efficient, effective, and sustainable supply chains
    • Multi-connectivity
    • Sensor measurements
    • Large-scale infrastructure/operations monitoring
    • Customizable network coverage

ALICE member ICCS is leading this activity field. So far 54 5G related projects have been identified and reviewed, 20 of them are related to transport and logistics.

In this workshop the results will be presented to ALICE members.

The webinar will have an interactive session where attendees feedback regarding their experience and priorities for 5G will be asked (Slido session).




5G Programme Launching

  • Giannis Kanellopoulos. Unit Leader, Logistics & Maritime, ICCS


Introduction to 5G technology and capabilities

  • Pavlos Basaras. Scientific Project Manager, 5G Testbed Administrator, ICCS


5G logistics application categories and relevance to the Physical Internet

  • Margarita Kostovasili. Scientific Project Manager, Researcher, ICCS


Current trends, initiatives and related projects

  • Giannis Kanellopoulos. Unit Leader, Logistics & Maritime, ICCS


Q&A session and slido session to rate interest areas

  • Giannis Kanellopoulos. Unit Leader, Logistics & Maritime, ICCS




If you would like to attend the meeting, please contact Giannis Kanellopoulos (giannis.kanellopoulos@iccs.gr), Indrek Ilves (iilves@etp-alice.eu) or Pablo Segura (pablo.segura@etp-alice.eu)  for connection details.

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