Joint position paper calls for more Transport Research in FP10

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024

The European Technology Platforms ACARE, ALICE, ERRAC, ERTRAC, and Waterborne have adopted a joint position paper advocating for a stronger focus on transport research in the upcoming EU Framework Programme for Research (FP10). This paper underlines the key role of transport research in boosting Europe’s competitiveness and ensuring affordable, safe and sustainable mobility.

Transport is essential for European economic stability and growth. The joint position paper highlights the need to prioritise transport research in FP10 to meet the evolving demands of mobility, sustainability and economic efficiency. This advocacy aligns with the European Union’s goals for climate neutrality and digital transformation.

Fernando Liesa, Secretary General of ALICE, said: Transport research & innovation is essential for a sustainable and competitive Europe achieving decarbonisation in an affordable way. By prioritising it in FP10, we will boost efficiency, environmentally friendly and resilient transport systems developing the  internal market and competitive logistics and supply chains in a global context.”

Key proposals of the joint position paper

The position paper, which will be shared with Member States’ representatives and newly elected Members of the European Parliament and Commission, outlines several strategic recommendations:

  • Reinforce commitment: Research and Innovation as the main way to deliver sustainable and safe mobility for European citizens. 
  • Inclusive: Increase R&I support for all the transport modes.
  • Collaboration: Continue to focus on collaboration between researchers, industry and policymakers, to push forward evidence-based research and its deployment
  • Partnership: Continue to support and develop the existing European Partnerships and stay ahead in a context of fierce international competition. 
  • Knowledge and skills: Support further education and skills, EU must stay a worldwide attractive location for researchers and workers in the transport industries

The joint position paper calls for an inclusive approach to ensure that the voices of all stakeholders, including universities, research institutions, industry players and SMEs, are taken into account in the planning and implementation of FP10. This strategy aims to promote a more integrated and holistic research environment.

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