Feb 20, 2023

ALICE workshop: Navigating through Horizon Europe funding opportunities, ALICE support to members & getting ready for the brokerage event

Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

If you are interested in knowing more about Horizon Europe funding opportunities either you are attending the brokerage event next 28/02 or not, we encourage you to connect for this one hour online session in which we will navigate you through the Horizon Europe funding opportunities, ALICE support to members to be ready for the event.

The objective of the session is to share the different mechanisms and tools we use to support you to express the interest in one or more Horizon Europe’s topics and connect with your peers.

As you already know, we organized an in-person Information day & brokerage event that will be taking place on 28th FebruaryBluePoint Brussels, Bd Auguste Reyers 80, 1030. More information and registration here. We will also share with you our ideas how we plan to run the 28th of February so you can get ready and get the most out of it and beyond. We will also welcome your ideas.


  • Identified funding opportunities: Horizon 2023-2024 calls.
    • The ALICE members Horizon Europe Group.
    • Topics areas in the knowledge platform.
    • Q&A Session
  • Brokerage event 28th of February:
    • What to expect, agenda in brief.
    • How it works
    • Q&A on the event b2match tool

For more information:


CL5-2023-D5-01-16 Developing small, flexible, zero-emission, and automated vessels to support shifting cargo from road to sustainable Waterborne Transport
HORIZON-MISS-2023-CIT-01-01 Co-designed smart systems and services for user-centered shared zero-emission mobility of people and freight in urban areas
CL5-2023-D6-01-06 Zero-emission e-commerce, freight delivery and return choices by retailers, consumers and local authorities
CL5-2023-D6-01-07 Operational automation to support multimodal freight transport
CL5-2023-D6-01-08 Future-proof GHG and environmental emissions factors for accounting emissions from transport and logistics operations
CL5-2023-D6-01-09 Climate resilient and safe maritime ports
CL4-2023-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-02 Industrial leadership in AI, Data and Robotics – advanced human-robot interaction (AI Data and Robotics Partnership) (IA)
CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-04 Open innovation: Addressing Grand challenges in AI (AI Data and Robotics Partnership)
CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-22 eXtended Reality for Industry 5.0


CL5-2024-D5-01-04 Integrated flexible multipoint megawatt charging systems for electric truck mass deployment
CL5-2024-D5-01-06 New designs, shapes, functionalities of Light Commercial Vehicle (2ZERO Partnership)
CL5-2024-D6-01-06 Optimising multimodal network and traffic management, harnessing data from infrastructures, mobility of passengers and freight transport
CL5-2024-D6-01-07 Scaling up logistics innovations supporting freight transport decarbonisation in an affordable way


The event is for ALICE members and registered participants in ALICE brokerage event

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