POLIS – ALICE Greening Urban Freight Webinar Series 2024 #2: AI for sustainable urban logistics

Tuesday, May 7th, 2024

In the evolving field of urban logistics, sustainability and efficiency are paramount. On 6 May, ALICE’s Urban Logistics Thematic Group, in partnership with POLIS, held a webinar “Greening Urban Freight – Let’s be inspired: use of AI in urban logistics”. This exclusive event, open only to ALICE and POLIS members, welcomed over 50 participants, underlining the growing interest and urgency in innovative urban freight solutions.

The core of the webinar: AI in urban logistics
The webinar featured Phoebe Wagemans, analytics translator at Proximus, and Javier Romo García, project manager at CIDAUT in the Valladolid metropolitan area. Hans Schurmans, co-chair of the ALICE Urban Logistics Thematic Group and Proximus representative, moderated this insightful session.
The focus of the discussion was threefold:

  • Defining AI: Establishing a clear understanding of artificial intelligence and its transformative potential.
  • Logistics use cases: Showcasing real-world applications where AI is making a difference in logistics operations.
  • Practical implementation: Presenting a specific case study on AI applications for monitoring and managing loading and unloading areas, illustrating the practical benefits of AI in streamlining urban freight operations.

Following the presentations, an interactive workshop provided a deep dive into how AI can:

  • Automate tasks to reduce costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Improve customer service standards

This session provided a platform for ALICE and POLIS network members to share ideas and strategies for integrating AI technologies into urban logistics.

Ongoing commitment to innovation in Urban Logistics
This webinar is part of a comprehensive series on Urban Logistics co-organised by POLIS and ALICE. These events are an integral part of identifying research priorities and addressing the needs of key stakeholders in the urban freight and logistics sector. Our objectives are to improve the efficiency, sustainability and safety of urban logistics activities.

We encourage members to get involved in our ongoing initiatives and contribute to our collective mission to achieve zero-emission Urban Logistics by 2030.

For more information on our past and upcoming webinars, please visit our Urban Logistics Highlights page.


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