Mar 24, 2023

ERTRAC Mapping of technology options for Sustainable Energies and Powertrains for Road Transport

Thursday, March 9th, 2023

ERTRAC, the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council, has published a Mapping of technology options for Sustainable Energies and Powertrains for Road Transport.

The mapping provides the perspective of the road research community to address the environmental and energy challenges of road transport. It provides research recommendations for all technology options and is structured along the fields of energy carriers, powertrain options, and supporting infrastructures.

This document was prepared by the Energy & Environment Working Group, gathering for two years input and expertise from the diversity of research stakeholders present in ERTRAC.

Download the Mapping.

In this session, main authors, and leaders in the development of the mapping will share key learnings and outputs. ALICE members will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the authors any question that may have.


  • Welcome and introduction.
  • ERTRAC and its Working Groups: Energy and Environment WG
  • Introduction to the Mapping. Purpose, history and its structure
  • Summary of statements from the Mapping document.
  • Detailed information from the Mapping on the ALICE-relevant research recommendations related to:
    • Sustainable Energies
    • Powertrains
    • Infrastructure
    • Systems
  • Discussion session


The session has been organized in collaboration with Simon Edwards, ERTRAC Vice-chairman and Ricardo Global Director, Technology and will count with the participation of:

Presentations and recording can be found in ALICE Knowledge Platform (Only ALICE members)

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