Do we need public money to fund a breakthrough in logistics?

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

The answer is yes, but not in form of subsidies. We need first and foremost a clear vision, concrete objectives and a strategy to get there. only then you can start a discussion on funding. If ALICE can make a difference in the way logistics will develop in the future it is through our very clear Vision aimed at the Physical Internet where all our 5 roadmaps converge.

Fernando Liesa in Project Setris has completed an analysis that shows that In the 5 years 2010-2015 the EU has invested half a billion euros on 158 projects aimed at logistic innovation. Most of them excellent projects, that however could have had a much higher impact if they would have responded to an overarching Vision and Strategy.

Wando Boeve, Director of ECT Rotterdam and then Chairman of the EIRAC, said in 2011 at the European Parliament that logistic innovation does not need subsidies….it needs a mental shift.

I think those words have stood the test of time…

In conclusion watch this surprisingly short 1 minute video where Prof. Mariana Mazzuccato shows how heavy has been the public investment behind an iconic product like the IPhone. Not subsidies, but truly strategically aimed public innovation programs.

Sergio Barbarino,

Alice Chairman

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