COREALIS Project Focus Groups

Monday, July 30th, 2018

The purpose of the Focus Groups is to compile the COREALIS user stories and high-level scenarios that will be further on implemented in the five Living Labs (Valencia, Piraeus, Antwerp, Livorno, Haminakotka).

Each of the five focus groups, shall consist of small/medium sized groups of participants corresponding, in terms of profile, expertise and interest, to the COREALIS innovation pillars, i.e.:

  • circular economy principles in the port-city strategy,
  • improvement of the port intermodality towards improvement of environmental footprint,
  • operational efficiency and capacity,
  • cooperation of port-city stakeholders and
  • transformation into an innovation hub,

to be fulfilled in the specific Living Lab. The focus groups shall include coordinated brainstorming sessions but also co-design inspired hands-on sessions for the creation of the COREALIS user stories and scenarios.

The outputs of the task shall be made publicly available, shared in the project wiki. This way, the project outputs shall be made visible from an early stage, triggering stakeholders in the local vicinity of the COREALIS Living Labs, but also beyond, and allowing for a maximum visibility of the developed scenarios across all consortium partners.

Mark your calendar and register to join!


Participation is free but registration is mandatory for booking your seat. You may register through the following links to one or more Focus Groups (each Focus Group requires its own registration)

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