CORE project presented at ALICE Booth.TRA 2018, 16th-19th April, Vienna

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

Making trusted and transparent supply chains a reality

Picture the scene: you’re waiting for your imported perishable goods to arrive at the airport/port. They need to be cleared by Customs without delay or their commercial value will quickly become negligible.  Or maybe you are shipping high value goods where the inventory cost is far too high to allow for lengthy transit times. Everyday scenarios such as these mean a constant endeavor to ensure that legitimate trade can be managed, processed and dispatched in a seamless manner.

Customs organizations and the companies dealing with them are facing significant challenges. Due to the growth of international trade, e-commerce, Brexit and ever-increasing regulations and requirements in international trade, the amount of customs declarations and other border formalities are increasing exponentially.  Couple this with the limited resources available, organisations dealing with customs matters are looking for novel approaches to be able to cope with these challenges. The CORE data pipeline concept has proven to be an effective way of tackling and overcoming these challenges to help keep goods flowing smoothly, whilst increasing compliance.

But the benefits aren’t limited to better coordinated border management. Concepts like low-intrusive scanning and system-based supervision, can guarantee seamless interoperability and bring end-to-end visibility. These concepts can enhance the speed, reliability, and efficiency of global supply chains, while safeguarding supply chain security and increasing the effectiveness of compliance supervision by authorities.

Less uncertainty, more effective compliance and greater speed are just some of the key benefits that Global Traders’ supply chains will reap when implementing the approaches, tools and techniques that CORE has developed over the past four years – making Trusted Trade Lanes more of a reality than ever before.

Increased operational efficiency for key stakeholders including shippers, freight forwarders and law enforcement agencies is possible through innovative hard and software solutions developed by leading experts and partners of the CORE consortium.

Through CORE, a four year and 50 million Euro project in which 70 partners collaborated, Trusted and Transparent Trade Lanes are becoming a reality.

During TRA a 12 minute new movie will explain more concretely what this is all about !

CORE presentations at ALICE Booth:

  • Monday 16th April from 13.00 to 9:10 hours.
  • Thursday 19th April from 9:20 to 10:00 hours.

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