Climate Resilient Transport Networks Webinar Speakers

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Janette Bessembinder
Senior climate services advisor

Janette Bessembinder (female, PhD) is senior climate services advisor at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) in The Netherlands. She is working at KNMI since 2005.

She is involved in climate services development, inventories of users’ requirements related to climate (change) data and information, and tailoring of climate data for users ranging from impact/adaptation researchers, companies to policy makers. In the past years she has been involved in the ROADAPT and WATCH project (tailoring climate data for  road infrastructure). At this moment she is also involved in the EU projects Climateurope and PRIMAVERA.


Kees van Muiswinkel
Senior advisor climate and infrastructure

Kees van Muiswinkel is senior advisor on the topic of climate change adaptation of road infrastructure and works for the Department of Sustainable Mobility, Energy and Climate of Rijkswaterstaat, the National Road Authority, in The Netherlands.

Kees is involved in the Rijkswaterstaat Climate resilient networks project, European wide knowledge development (‘Road owners adapting to climate change’),  the long term working plan for replacement and renovation.

He is a member of the ministerial Working group for the development of the National Adaptation Strategy and Agenda of the Netherlands.

He is also involved in knowledge exchange and working together with the US Federal Highway Administration around the topic of resilience of infrastructure


Onno Hazelaar
Infrastructure architect

Onno Hazelaar is working as an infrastructure architect at Prorail in Utrecht. He has extensive experience as a manager in various operational functions.

In his current role, he applies this knowledge in various system integration issues. He manages ProRail’s approach to climate adaptation, and the first results of the stress test for the rail network were recently presented by him..


Stefan Jak
Environmental expert, program leader Environment Act

Stefan works within ProRail as an environmental expert when exploring issues about the physical living environment in order to give it a helping hand for the rail system. Based on that knowledge, he now gives substance to his role as program leader for the implementation of the Environment Act, which is expected to enter into force in 2021.

He also uses his own background and broad experience in meteorology to get an idea of ​​how the rail system is affected by climate change, and how this can be responded to by an interaction with many actors within and outside ProRail, bringing knowledge together and provide inspiration. An active approach, which among other things led to a guide to climate adaptation, with which in the first phase of a project it is possible to determine in a structural and traceable manner what task there is locally with regard to climate change and what the project can take into account, for the careful determination of the ambition level for further elaboration with all stakeholders. It is one of the steps towards a climate-proof rail system.

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Willem Otto Hazelhorst
Senior advisor Traffic and Transport, supply chain management

Willem Otto Hazelhorst is employed at Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) since 2002, as a sr. Consultant Traffic and Transport at the department of Synchromodal Transport and Navigation. Apart form the EMLog degree in Supply Chain Management, he has a M.Sc. in Geology.

He has been working in Supply Chain management for many years, often with focus on stimulation of modal shift, in public and private setting.

In RWS he has been in working on infra-related subjects on both passenger transport / public transport as well as  Physical Distribution (all modalities, including pipelines).

Currently he is involved in the Climate adaptation projects of Rijkswaterstaat.

Detailed personal data:

 Janette Bessembinder
Senior advisor climate services
KNMI, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
Utrechtseweg 297 | NL-3731 GA | De Bilt
PO Box 201 | NL-3730 AE | De Bilt | The Netherlands

Kees van Muiswinkel
Rijkswaterstaat Water, Traffic, Environment
Department of Sustainable Mobility, Energy and Climate

Onno Hazelaar
| Infra Architect | AM Architectuur en Techniek
De Inktpot A0.00 , Moreelsepark 3, 3511 EP Utrecht | Postbus 2038, 3500 GA Utrecht

Stefan Jak
Programmeleader Implementation Environment Act Prorail
Afd. Beleid en Programma’s Milieu en Duurzaamheid | Leefomgeving, Juridische zaken en Vastgoed | ProRail
Tulpenburgh 1.63 | Moreelsepark 2, 3511 EP Utrecht | Postbus 2038, 3500 GA Utrecht

Willem Otto Hazelhorst
Senior advisor Traffic and Transport, Rijkswaterstaat
Dept. Synchromodal Transport and Navigation
Lange Kleiweg 34, 2288 GK Rijswijk
P.O. Box 2232 3500 GB Utrecht
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