Nov 21, 2022

An update on FIT for 55 package

Thursday, October 27th, 2022

Why this session with ALICE members

On the 14th of July 2021 the Communication: fit for 55 delivering EU’s 2030 climate targets was published by the European Commission. ALICE supports the European Union ambition of reducing 55% emissions by 2030 and reach climate neutrality by 2050 and provided its views on the initiatives envisioned in the ‘Fit for 55’ climate package as part of ALICE position paper on FIT for 55.

In this session, Dr. Louise De Tremerie, Transport Policy Advisor of Member of the European Parliament Van Brempt, will provide us with an update on the state of play of the most relevant initiatives: main outcomes, ambitions and implications:

  • Revision of the Directive on Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure.
  • Revision of the Renewable Energy Directive.
  • FUEL EU Maritime
  • Revision of CO2 emission performance standards.
  • Revision of the EU emission trading system (ETS)

The implementation of the revised directives and regulations is reaching the latest stages before formal approval and endorsement by the European institutions. They will have important implications for freight transport and logistics and we will take this opportunity to share and gather the views of ALICE members and discuss them with Transport Policy Advisor Dr. Louise De Tremerie.

Additionally, ALICE will also give a short update on the ongoing European Commission initiatives:

  • Count your transport emissions – ‘CountEmissions EU’
  • Sustainable transport – revision of Combined Transport Directive
  • Commercial vehicles – weights and dimensions
  • International freight and passenger transport – increasing the share of rail traffic.


This meeting is for ALICE members only!

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