Mar 09, 2023

ALICE webinar on Hydrogen state of play and perspectives in freight and logistics

Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

Why this webinar

Efficient and low emissions assets and energy is key in delivering a decarbonized freight transport and logistics sector. OEMs, suppliers, road freight operators and freight transport services buyers play a central role in the uptake of zero emissions vehicles.

In this webinar, insights from key players on the hydrogen state of play and perspectives in freight and logistics were shared and discussed with our guest speakers.


Welcome and introduction. Pieter Leonard. Capability Manager Supply chain food-transport, Colruyt Group and ALICE efficient and low emission assets and energy chair.

Policy developments & hydrogen infrastructure developments for freight and logistics. Darko Levičar, Director Mobility at Hydrogen Europe

Darko presented the EU Policy Landscape related to the entire Hydrogen value chain, including the impact of REPowerEU initiative, and more than 16 related initiatives and their previewed timeline[1]. He gave an overview of the hydrogen production and infrastructure planning, with a set target of 20 million tonnes of hydrogen being available in EU by 2030, half of it being imported and half of it produced in Europe. A mapping of European regions with projects for deployment of HRS was shared as well as a list of already approved Hydrogen Valleys, with information on available financial resources for new Hydrogen Valleys in 2023. Darko shared the mapping of the main EU Energy transition funds, with a timeline until 2027. He also presented the different positions of the institutions and the targets supported by the industry in AFIR, that are in final legislative discussion now. The final deployment targets for HRS must support a circulation of 50,000 hydrogen powered HDVs in EU, while the current Council ambitions enable only 8000 hydrogen powered trucks to be refuelled daily.

[1] Contact Andrea Annunziata for further information on any of these policy initiatives.

European Hydrogen mobility market outlook. Mike Byberg, EMEA Business Development and Sales Manager at Ballard technologies.

Ballard has been developing FCH technologies for 40 years with a global reach. Particularly interesting was the figure on use cases and related technologies as well as the implications in payload when longer range is needed comparing BEV and FCE. Payloads loses (Change in Cargo Weight Capacity) are bigger for BEV Battery Electric than for Fuel Cell Electric Trucks. Ballard shared the direct purchase incentives for a 44t trucks in European Countries. Incentives range from 40 k€ to 300k€ per unit depending on the country and are actively mapping these incentives in European countries. Ballard also shared a European map of 350 bar Hydrogen Refuelling Stations.

New business models to accelerate transition to Fuel Cell Hydrogen Trucks. Anil Reddi, Director Quantron-as-a-service at Quantron.

Anil briefly presented the History of Quantron and the particular use cases and implications of using BEV or FCE for the use cases. Quantron trucks in testing manage up to 44 tn and they are working on a 60tn truck. Anil presented their current portfolio of solutions and explained the Quantron as a service model and differentiated it from a rental model through a pay per Km model that involves all the components needed including Hydrogen refueling of green Hydrogen as a way to accelerate transition towards zero emissions technologies.

Discussion with participants

As a main conclusion, current prices of Hydrogen 12 to 14 €/Kg are far from creating a commercial solution of hydrogen. It is expected though that the prices/costs are down to enable the market.

ALICE is part of ZEFES project and is creating a link with other innovation projects in the landscape such as SCALATE, EMPOWER, H2ACCELERATE and H2HAUL and will continue its collaboration with Hydrogen Europe to get our members well informed on the advances in this field.

Presentations are available in ALICE Knowledge Platform, Efficient and Low Emissions Assets and Energy (TG1) event page that TG1 members can access through this link or upon request to Pablo Segura (

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