May 06, 2020

ALICE Urban Logistics Theme web-meeting – 6th May 10:00 to 12:00

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

*For ALICE members only

The topics of the web-meeting will be:

  • Overview of latest ALICE activities relevant for the Thematic Group, Charlotte Migne, TG Chair-FM LOGISTIC
  • Joint POLIS-ALICE document. Fernando Liesa, ALICE secretariat
    • Objective, idea and timing
    • Share and discuss the structure
    • Collect top references/roadmaps as background.
  • Launch the experienced supporting cabinet. Charlotte Migne. We are looking for members:
    • with implementation cases linked the POLIS-ALICE willing to share them.
    • with broad experience and willing to develop a part of the document on voluntary basis.
  • PROXIMUS/L´ORÉAL shared deliveries in Brussels scale up project updates. Hans Schurmans, TG vice-chair-PROXIMUS
  • Impact of COVID-19 in urban freight document Charlotte. We are looking for:
    • Data on how COVID-19 is impacting consumer shopping behaviour in your country?
      • e.g. more e-commerce? moving to proximity stores instead of big supermarkets?, prioritizing local suppliers/stores?
    • What and how much of this behaviours will stay after confinement?
    • Could you support us with these of other reported implications?
  • Horizon Europe Updates on Urban Logistics Fernando
    • Logistics Priorities
    • 2ZERO partnership
    • DUT partnership
    • Mission on Cities
  • Next Steps and AOB Charlotte

Please, let us know in case you would like to bring any topic to the discussion or if you would like to share something else.


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