May 07, 2020

ALICE Supply Network Coordination and Collaboration Thematic Group Meeting

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

7th May 10.00-11.30

The goal of this webinar is twofold. First, the outcome of the project in the Netherlands analysing the developments during the last 10 years of Cross Chain Control Centers – 4C, is presented. Second, the outcome will be discussed with you, as you all have acquired any experience in logistics collaboration. In attachment you can find a concise powerpoint presentation. Afterwards the complete study report of the Dutch study will be made available.

The topics for the web-meeting are:

We will try to make this 90’ workshop as interactive and informative as possible. Hereby the topics on the agenda:

    1. Overview of other projects relevant for this group.
      • Please share with Fernando Liesa | if you have a running project working on this subject at the moment you would like to share with your peers.
    2. Participants present themselves focusing on concrete experiences, drawbacks and pitfalls. Those pitches will be limited to 3’ each (be prepared! -:);
    3. Presentation of the Dutch study – 10 years of Cross Chain Control Centers – 4C – “looking back and ahead”;
    4. Q&A on the outcome of the Dutch study;
    5. Participants get the opportunity to share their views on the future in another short pitch (2’ – be prepared). What might be necessary to scale up and to come to future-proof and structural collaboration models?
    6. Wrap up.  Thematic group Supply Network Coordination and Collaboration Next Steps and the role you could have in this will be explained.

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