ALICE launches Modularization task force with the support of Modulushca project. Get engaged!

Friday, December 11th, 2015

ALICE launches a Modularization task force with the support of the Modulushca project.

Building on MODULUSHCA results, the task force will:

  • Monitor all industry / academia efforts on modularization.
  • Identifying challenges and barriers for modularization which should be faced with additional research and innovation efforts

Out of the task force  report will be issued by the end of 2016 including the elements above and proposing a research an innovation agenda on modularization that should drive Industry, European Union, Member States towards a more competitive and sustainable industry.

 The kick off of this task force will be held in Brussels on the 14th of January from 10.30 to 16:30. All ALICE members are invited to participate in this task force and/or in its kick off.

The objectives of the kick of meeting are:

  • Official Kick-off of the modularization task force.
  • Share and clarify the objectives of the task force and deliverables.
  • Get an overall overview of current modularization efforts.
  • Start brainstorming sessions on key barriers and challenges for further modularization.

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