Data sharing, DTLF and eFTI

The Freight and Logistics Data Sharing Activity is defined to be an umbrella programme within the ALICE TG3 and tackle the challenges on adoption of data sharing systems and technologies aiming at getting an overview of running initiatives and implications for industry (e.g. paperless transport, e-FTI regulation, and data spaces)

The current focus of F&L Data Sharing programme will be on three main areas: 1. standardisation and interoperability of data sharing applications 2. identification of industry trends and initiatives for data spaces 3. Data Sharing cloud report from BOOSTLOG. These three areas will form a separate sub-programme, managed by three different ALICE TG3 vice-chairs and have concrete descriptions.

Which is the Output/what do you want to deliver?

  • Exchange of experience explored technologies among ALICE members
  • Knowledge transfer among ALICE members (showcases and project demos)
  • Identify R&I gaps for implementation of explored technologies in logistics related applications
  • Position paper on data exchange governance, standards and best practices

How can ALICE members contribute/participate?

  • Participating actively in the webinars and events organised under this programme
  • Contributing to the preparation of position paper(s)
  • Sharing of experience and knowhow with explored technologies.
  • Express their interest in specific applications and/or technologies


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