Air cargo

The ambition the next two years will be to further concretise the PI-concept in the (air) transport and logistics industry. Especially on how (common agreements, rules, governance) to link with other transport modes and how to make smooth inter-, multi and ultimately synchromodality possible as a PI-node. Especially for aviation, it will be key to link with greener transport modes in the near future to comply with the EU’s climate ambitions. Also to do more research on how to develop intelligent infrastructure to implement the PI-concept will be absolutely necessary. On the short term, ACB will try to see in which way cooperation between the different members of the group is possible and what ACB can do to contribute to the knowledge of ALICE.

Which is the Output/what do you want to deliver?

  • European PI roadmap for aviation
  • Exchange knowledge between aviation & other transport modes within ALICE
  • Increase the involvement of our local airport community
  • Help to develop new business models

How can ALICE members contribute/participate?

ACB recently drafted a PI-roadmap, ALICE members could give feedback on the document to finetune things. At the same time, having discussions with partners about the position of air transport within the overall PI-vision will be crucial. We also are open to learn from other transport modes (waterborne transport) and look forward to learn more about their innovative projects/outputs/…

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