How to Join

Why become Alice member?

    • Contribute needs and challenges to industry research  and  innovation in logistics and supply chain management
    • Support and assist the European  Commission  to  define  EU co-funded programs,  starting  with  HORIZON  2020,  and  to  implement  the outcomes  of  these  programs  in  support  of competitiveness  and sustainability targets.
    • Access a network  for  interdisciplinary collaborative research & innovation involving industry, academia and public institutions.
    • Be at the forefront of industry innovation, development and implementation.
    • Have a role in developing regulatory requirements needed for innovation implementation.
    • Have the right to participate in the WGs and Plenary and have the option to be part of the Executive and Steering Group and recommend experts to participate in the different WGs.

ALICE overview presentation

What I need to do to become a member?

To participate and become a member of ALICE, interested organizations will need to comply with ALICE Statutes and Terms of Reference

To apply for membership, the following forms need to be filled in:

ALICE membership application form

Thematic Group membership Request Form

Thematic Group membership form can be filled in a second stage, after membership is confirmed

Thematic Groups (TGs) are forums in which members discuss and agree on research and innovation needs, define actions and activities to be developed in the frame of ALICE in particular aiming ALICE roadmap (s) implementation. The current ALICE Thematic Groups are the following:

TGs members are expected to participate in TG activities. Online web-meetings and webinars are mostly used whenever possible to develop the activities. Additionally, face to face meetings (1 per year max) in a European city: London, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam or similar could take place. TG members may review and contribute to the documents generated by the ETP, specifically the research and innovation roadmaps and the research and innovation topic recommendations presented to the European Commission in preparation for Horizon 2020 calls and programmes such as Horion Europe.

If your decisión on joining one thematic group is still not clear for you after going through this information then you may fill in ALICE membership application form first, then we can exchange directly and decide which Thematic Group/s fit(s) better the interest and expertise you will bring.

Participation Rules and Annual Membership Fee

Industry members
  •    Companies with less than 250 employees or a turnover of less than € 50 million
€ 1.000
  •    Companies with less than 1,000 employees or a turnover of less than € 250 million
€ 2.000
  •    Companies with more than 1,000 employees or a turnover of more than € 250 million
€ 3.000
Research Members (1)
  • Universities
€ 1.000
  • Research institutes with less than 250 employees
€ 1.000
  • Research institutes with more than 250 employees
€ 2.500
European Related Industry Associations (2) € 0
Other Members
  • National and regional Technology Platforms, Country Associations
€ 1.000
  • Clusters
€ 1.000
  • Non-governmental organisations
€ 1.000
  • Other stakeholders
€ 1.000


(1) Since ALICE is industry-driven, research members are required to get an endorsement letter by an ALICE industry member


(2) ALICE encourages related European associations to participate in ALICE, therefore: related European industry associations can become members for free as long as 2 of the following criteria are met:
  • The association appoints the chairman of the association or one industry member in the Board of the Association to participate in ALICE. The industry member of the association gets free ALICE membership as well.
  • The association invites ALICE to present activities/progress in one of the annual events of the association and includes a clear reference of collaboration/membership in ALICE within the association page.
  • The association disseminates among the members and or through the association web, ALICE activities and in particular, ALICE Newsletter.