Executive Group & Secretariat

Sergio Barbarino
ALICE Vice Chair
Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble

Francois Regis Le Tourneau
Corporate supply chain Standards & Prospective Director, L´ORÉAL

Nik Delmeire
ALICE Vice Chair
Coordinator, European Inland Waterway Transport Platform

Sophie Punte
Sustainable Logistics Supply Chains Chair
Executive Director,Smart Freight Centre

Salvador Furió
Corridors, Hubs & Synchromodality Chair
Director of Innovation & Port Cluster Development, Fundación Valencia Port

Lars Deiterding
Systems & Technology for Interconnected Logistics co-Chair
Executive Director, HaCon

Angelos Admitis
Systems & Technologies for Interconnected Logistics co-Chair
Research Director, ICCS

Alex Van Breedam
Global Supply Networks Coordination &  Collaboration Chair
CEO, Trivizor

Charlotte Migne
Urban Logstics Chair
Innovation Manager, FM Logistics


Fernando Liesa
Alice Secretary General


Dirk ‘t Hooft
Director Communication

Indrek Ilves
Member of Secretariat