Working Groups


The Working Groups are responsible for the preparation of the ETP documents such as Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas and Research and Innovation Roadmaps identifying research gaps to be proposed to the Steering Group as potential input for the HORIZON 2020. 

Current Working Groups:
WG1 Sustainable Logistics Supply Chains
WG2 Corridors, Hubs and Synchromodality
WG3 Systems & Technologies for Interconnected Logistics
WG4 Global Supply Network Coordination and Collaboration
WG5 Urban logistics

Working rules

Workshops are organized 1/2 per year and off-line communication is kept on regular basis.


The Working Groups consist of experts coming from the ETP members. The Working Groups are managed and chaired by Working Group Chairs, selected by ALICE Plenary.


Participation in a Working Group is open to any ETP member that has proven expertise in the field. Members can appoint external experts to participate in WGs.