Sep 27, 2022

Workshop: “Shift to Rail”

Thursday, June 9th, 2022

Dear ALICE members and interested participants

The ALICE Thematic Group Global Supply Network Coordination & Collaboration invites you to its online Workshop:

Shift to Rail” NEW DATE! September 27th 2022, 14.00 – 15.30

Shifting to rail is often seen as a complex part of the transport system, while it could enable an optimized Supply Chain and obviously reduce the carbon footprint. How can Rail be an integral part of the Supply Chain?

What are the views on barriers and enablers of the different stakeholders?

What is needed to make Rail more attractive for the long-distance and integrate Rail into the intermodal supply chain?

What is the solution for a more flexible and reliable system?

This Shift to Rail Workshop aims to highlight pathways to improve the use of intermodal solutions, through clear feedback and views from 3 different stakeholder groups in the supply chain and discuss the outcomes together.


14:00 Introduction to the purpose of this workshop, by Serge Schamschula

14:20 Questions and views of the 3 different intermodal stakeholder groups, in separate meeting rooms, using Slido

The 3 stakeholder groups are:

  • Intermodal operators and Railway undertakings
  • Forwarders/LSP
  • Shippers

14:45 Presentation of the massification methodology for Shift to Rail, Elvina Nowak

15:00 Discussion and Feedback on the Q&A, Serge Schamschula

15:20 Conclusion and next steps


Registration will open in the coming weeks

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