Registration to ALICE Plenary, 15-16 December 2021, online

    Dear ALICE member, due to the high increase in the COVID19 cases in Belgum we have closed the possibility for on-site presence. Therefore, the Executive Group of ALICE decided to discourage members to come to Brussels and move the plenary to an online plenary. Saftey first. If the situation improves (seems unlikely), we may organize still a dinner in Brussels for those willing to attend in short notice (a week in advance).
    ALICE is organizing this plenary. Other participants may get access to your name and e-mail. To proceed, you need to grant us with the required consent. We inform you that the session will be recorded and shared afterwards with participants. We may take screen shots for LinkedIn/newsletter posts. For more information: Read ALICE Privacy Policy. In case you do not agree to this clause but you still wish to participate, contact us at including your registration preference and which aspects you do not agree with.