Executive Group & Secretariat

Sergio Barbarino
Chair of Alice
Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble

Prof. Dr. J. Rod Franklin, P.E

Prof. Dr. J. Rod Franklin
Vice Chair of Alice
Academic Director Executive Education, Kuehne Logistics University

Sophie Punte
Chair of WG1 on Sustainable Logistics Supply Chains
Executive Director, Smart Freight Center

Nik Delmeire
Acting Chair of WG3 on Systems & Technologies for Interconnected Logistics

Dirk ‘t Hooft
Chair of WG4 on Global Supply Network Coordination and Collaboration
Senior Advisor Logistics Collaboration, ArgusI

Charlotte Migne
Chair of WG5 Urban Logstics
Innovation Manager, FM Logistic



Fernando Liesa
Alice Secretary General


Dirk ‘t Hooft
Director Communication

Indrek Ilves
Member of Secretariat